Mixed Musical Arts is a practice and discipline that gives you internal strength to ‘fight your battles’ your way. Through a relationship between music, tai chi, and nature appreciation you learn to grow your internal energy and to balance your inner and outer purpose in life.

Mixed Musical Arts is inspired by traditional African and Indian, Chinese and Indigenous knowledge. It is communicated here, with vitality and respect across the Internet.

The music is improvised and spontaneous, the tai chi is relaxed and disciplined and the nature appreciation is directed to be rooted in elders’ teachings of specific places. Realizing the whole system of these practices in our daily lives, is one part of our challenge. The other part is to effectively communicate these practices. The Mixed Musical Arts website exists to provide encouraging communication tools.

(P.S. The Mixed Musical Arts Header graphic above is a gorgeous creation by Katie Daisy (from her inspired work “let’s sleep under the stars” – I’m not yet sure if it’s ok to be using it here). Maybe if we get enough people that like it here .. she will let us continue to use it – or better still, maybe Katie and I can decide on an affordable fee for this exquisite moon rental?